Walking a Ferret on a Leash

Do you have a pet ferret? Have you wanted to walk it on a leash? If so, this blog can make that dream a reality! While it is a common thought that only pet dogs can be walked on a leash, that it is no longer true. Lately more owners are walking other pets, including cats and ferrets. To train a ferret to walk on a leash, follow these easy steps:

  1. Purchase a leash and harness that is designed especially for ferrets. Both of these items should be made of sturdy material and have clips rather than buckles as the fastener.
  2. Ensure that the harness fits. First, try it out on your pet while indoors and in a comfortable area. To be certain that it fits, slip your little finger (or “pinky” finger) in between the straps and your ferret’s body. If you can fit your finger between those two areas and it isn’t too tight or loose, the harness is the proper fit.
  3. Let your animal get comfortable while wearing the harness. Let it play and move with it on to get it accustomed to it. Experts suggest leaving the harness on until the ferret falls asleep or until it stops trying to get out of it. If your pet does manage to break free, simply put it back on and double-check that it isn’t too tight or loose.
  4. Now, it’s time to test out the leash. Attach it to the harness on your pet and attempt your first walk, either indoors or outdoors. The first walk should only last a few minutes, and it should not stress your ferret out. If you’re outdoors and your pet shows signs of stress or anxiety, take it back inside the house.
  5. Practice makes perfect! Begin taking your pet for walks with increasing increments of time. Start with very short walks that only last a few minutes, and work up to long walks or outings with your pet.

With your patience and these steps, your ferret will be walking on a leash in no time.

Do you walk your ferret on a leash? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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