Walking a Bunny

Thumper, ready to go on a walk? Most people walks their dogs, some people walk their cats….but can you walk a rabbit?

My sister recently adopted a pet bunny, which she named Sherlock. In an attempt to get rid of some energy in her pet, she decided to take Sherlock for a walk. My mom was very opposed to this idea because of the many different predators that rabbits have—everything from hawks to foxes and even cats. That’s a lot of animals to watch out for! However, is it true that a rabbit might become prey on a walk? I did some research!

As it turns out, you can walk a rabbit. Furthermore, some veterinarians even recommend it. Walking a bunny is good because it gives your pet a change of scenery, fresh air and some exercise. However, walking your pet is only a good idea if it is in a safe environment, away from dogs or other predators. So before you head out, scout out a good location. A bonus for your bunny would be to find a spot that has plenty of grass and dandelions to nibble on.

After selecting the perfect location, the next step is to find a leash and harness that will fit the rabbit. Get one made specifically for bunnies. You can ask your veterinarian where to find these, or check out your local pet store. When fitting the harness and leash on your pet, reward his cooperation with a treat. That can help your rabbit associate the treat with what might be an unwelcome harness. When walking your pet, allow the rabbit to take the lead and to explore a little bit!

Have a nice walk—or hop!

Do you walk your pet bunny? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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