Unusual and Expensive Pets

We’ve assembled a collection of unusual pets that cost quite a bit to love. See if you can match up the pets with the cash you’d need just to bring them home.

After you see this list of costly critters, you might be tempted to buy your more “common” pet a nice new toy or collar. No need, though. Your pet is just as valuable as any one of these, even if you didn’t pay these prices to bring him into your family:

Try putting these furry, scaly and flying fellows in order, most costly to least costly:

Bengal Cat
Palm Cockatoo
Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python
Rhesus Macaque (monkey)
Shelter Cat or Dog, including spay/neuter
White tufted marmoset                                                                            

Okay. Put your pens and pencils down, and let’s see how you did.

Here’s the list again, in order from most expensive pets to least expensive:

  1. Palm Cockatoo                                                   $16,000
  2. Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python                          $7,500
  3. Bengal Cat                                                          $4,500
  4. Rhesus Macaque (monkey)                                $4,000
  5. White tufted marmoset                                        $2,000
  6. Shelter Cat or Dog, including spay/neuter          $200-300

 Learn about all these and other expensive exotic animals:

How much do you spend on your pet over the course of one year? Let us know in the comments!

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