Two Faced Cat, but Lovable

Twelve years ago, Marty Stevens saw a cat with a face—or two—that she knew she could love.

A pet lover and veterinary nurse in Massachusetts lucked out years ago when she adopted a “Janus cat”—a cat born with one body but two faces, two mouths, two noses and three beautiful blue eyes! Check him out. Check him out.  The defect is named for the Roman god, Janus, who has two faces. 

The pet lover, Marty Stevens, opened her home and heart to this unusual fellow, though she knew such defects usually mean an early death. But thanks to Marty’s attention—including using feeding tubes for the first three months of his life—the cat has now made it to the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-living Janus cat.

Many people have trouble settling on a name for their pets, but Marty had a special conundrum: with two faces, how could she settle on one name? So, she didn’t. The cat’s name is—or is that, “the cats’ names are?”—Frank and Louie.  Marty says Frank and Louie love going for car rides. And Marty still gets a kick when their unusual appearance gives folks a start when then lean down to pet him.

Frank and Louie is the result of unfortunate breeding. One of Frank and Louie’s mouths doesn’t have a lower jaw and doesn’t connect to his windpipe at all. Only two eyes work, and the middle one doesn’t even blink! So it always looks like he’s staring, Marty says. He has only one head and one brain. Besides his unusual face, he’s also a “rag doll” cat—so named because this sweet breed of cat goes limp when you pick them up.

Overall, Frank and Louie are non-plused by their unusual features, and they get along just fine. And they’re probably doubly proud to have such a great owner and newfound, world record fame.

What unusual markings or features does your pet have?

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