Turkey fun facts!

Turkeys are not just the center of the meal on Thanksgiving. They actually are very interesting animals with a long history in the United States. Here are some interesting facts about turkeys that you can share on Thanksgiving!

  • Both the turkey and the bald eagle were both considered as the national symbol of America. Benjamin Franklin was a strong supporter of the Turkey as the national bird.
  • The Native American name for the turkey is “firkee”.
  • Domesticated turkeys cannot fly, but their wild relatives can fly for short distances.
  • Turkeys are the only breed of poultry native to the western hemisphere.
  • Turkeys do not have external ears, but have excellent hearing. They can also see in color and have great vision. However, they have a poor sense of smell.
  • Turkeys sometimes spend the night in trees.
  • The Turkey trot gets its name from the turkey’s short jerky steps.

Do you have any interesting facts about turkeys? Let us know in the comments section!

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