Traveling with Pets

Have you ever considered taking a road trip with your pet? If so, learn how to keep them safe and happy during the journey.

Before I moved to North Carolina a decade ago with my family, I was a resident of St. Louis. While I have not been back in years, this year we journeyed back to attend two family weddings. When I say journeyed, I don’t mean hopping on an airplane and landing in Missouri in a matter of hours. My parents, two siblings and I loaded ourselves into a car, along with my mom’s dog, Thor, for a 16-hour road-trip. Yes, you read that correctly. While it is hard enough to keep the humans sane in the car, what about our furry companions? Below are some tips on how to make the trip as easy and safe as possible, for all critters aboard!

For starters, it is important to note that it is much safer to travel with a pet in its crate or car carrier while you are driving. This is not only safe for the human passengers, but also for your pooch! You will be less distracted if your pet is not moving around in the vehicle. Also, it prevents your dog from getting injured if the car makes a sudden stop or gets hit. To protect your pet and the human occupants, make sure the carrier is tied down securely. Otherwise, a sudden stop or an accident can send it hurling around in the car.

As far as food goes, dogs tend to get motion sickness. So it’s best to feed your canine a smaller portion of what it normally eats before traveling. For cats, you might not have to feed it anything, even during trips of 20 hours or so. Cats can also hold their water, if you know what I mean, so a litter box might not be necessary either. If the animal wants it, feed him small snacks and water throughout the day during restroom stops. During these restroom stops, you may also want to let our dog get some energy out. So either take a walk or play with your pet. If you get some of the energy out, your animal will, hopefully, be more inclined to snooze the drive away.

Road trips should be fun, for humans and animals alike!

Have you taken a road trip with a pet? How was it? Share the experience with us in the comment section!

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