Traveling With Pets

Tips for a “furry” vacation: it’s summertime, which means families are packing up and hitting the road for a much needed vacation. This summer, bring your family pet along! Traveling with pets can be made easier with some tips listed here.

While there are certainly other options for your pet while traveling on vacation, one option is to take your pet with you! Listed below are some tips for pet travel. These tips don’t just apply to vacations either. Family moves or simply trips to the vet can be made easier and safer with these ideas:

  1. A Comfortable Home: Be sure to have a well-ventilated crate or kennel that is the appropriate size for your pet. There are many options available, such as hard plastic, mesh and soft-sided crates. The important thing to keep in mind is that the crate or kennel is big enough for your pet to stand in, sit and lie down in. Also bear in mind that your pet should be able to turn around in the crate or kennel.
  2. Allow your pet to eat about three hours prior to departure. This gives them the time to digest and not have any accidents while in the vehicle. Please note that this tip does not apply to a visit to the vet. Also, don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle, wait until a bathroom break to bring out the chow.
  3. Never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle any longer than you might need to take a bathroom break. Crack the windows so your car does not become an oven.
  4. For overnight travel, book a pet-friendly hotel. Check out the room for safety before letting your pet run free.
  5. Not sure what to pack? Consider taking along any travel papers (including rabies vaccine records), bowl, food, water and leash along with a favorite toy or pillow to add comfort to the trip.

Now enjoy that trip, with your pet!

Did you ever travel with your pets? Do you have any tips to make it easier? Share with us in the comment section!

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