To the Rescue! – Pet First Aid Kit

While many of us have at least one first aid kit under a bathroom sink, we don’t often think about the need for a first aid kit for our four-legged friends. Taking the time to put together a first aid kit for your pet is just as important, and very easy to do. Keep it next to the human first aid kit so you never forget where it is.
• Contact Information – The first item that needs to be in your first aid kit is the contact information for your veterinarian, emergency vet clinic, and animal poison control (888-426-4435).
• Records – Always keep a copy of your pet’s medical records on hand.
• Bandages – Non-stick bandages or clean clothes should be kept to protect wounds.
• Adhesive tape – Regular band-aids should not be used on animals. Keep adhesive tape to secure bandages.
• Gauze – Use gauze to muzzle injured animals or wrap wounds.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – Used to induce vomiting. Always check with your veterinarian or poison control before inducing vomiting.
• Eye Dropper – Used to give oral treatments or flush wounds.
• Leash – An extra leash will come in handy when you can’t find the regular one and need to get to the vet.
A number of other items can be added to your pet first aid kit. Ask your vet for suggestions, or visit the American Veterinary Medical Association:

Of course, always follow first aid with veterinary care to make sure your pet is good to go!

Do you have a first-aid kit for your pet? What do you have inside?

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