3 Tips for Buying the Best Dog Gift


 Photo  by sarah … /  CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by sarah … / CC BY-NC-ND

Every year people ask us questions like, “What’s the best dog gift?” and “What should I get my dog for Christmas?” so we came up with this winning formula to help you pick a unique gift for that special pooch.

Surprise + Value + Longevity = One awesome gift.


We were looking for a drool-worthy gift that would make a dog and his human super excited. Sure, you can always give a tried and true dog toy like a Kong or some other knickknack, but we were searching for something special, something that would let the world know this is one very spoiled dog. (Not to mention something that would get you invited back if you’re giving it to a friend’s dog.)

Dog Playing with Kong Dog Toy  Photo  by Susan /  CC BY-NC-ND

Dog Playing with Kong Dog Toy
Photo by Susan / CC BY-NC-ND


It’s easy to swipe a credit card and buy a fancy, wrapped-up gift, but what’s in there? Is it really worth it? Will the dog and his human think it’s valuable or will they just think that you walked into the nearest gas station and picked up a quick present on the way to the party?


You want something that will last. The worst thing about giving an edible treat is that your dog can gobble it up faster than you can say his name and leave no trace of your gift seconds after giving it.

So we set out to find the perfect gift by our own criteria.

After scouring the web, reading testimonials and consulting with our in-house pets, we decided that if you want all of the above, plus promoting your dog to one of the cool kids on the block (while gaining him serious bragging rights), you’ve got to stick with a monthly BarkBox.


It’s hard to beat the packed value that comes in every BarkBox. With 4 to 6 unique toys and all-natural treats (gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free, corn-free and filler-free), you can be sure your dog and his human will be smiling from ear to ear. What’s more, it’ll last quite a while, and when you run out of treats and fun, you’ll get another box in the mail.

Each BarkBox is curated by a team of dog-obsessed scouts who are looking for the best treats and toys for your dog. Not only that, but these are items that are one-of-a-kind and will keep your dog happy, healthy and active. The treats included are non-toxic and sourced exclusively in the United States and Canada.

So if you want to really spoil your dog, head on over to barkbox.com where you can purchase a BarkBox. You’ll receive free shipping on your purchase and 10% of each box sold goes to an extensive network of rescue organizations and local shelters across the US and Canada. You’ll be helping dogs across North America find happy homes while also making your dog extra happy in your own home.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can get one extra month of Bark Box FREE when you sign up for any new 3, 6 or 12-month subscription at BarkBox.com/PetAssure2014.

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