Therapy dogs

Dogs bring a great amount of joy into their family’s lives. Owning a dog is a wonderful and rewarding experience and some dog owners like to share that experience with others through pet therapy.

Therapy dogs help thousands of people going through difficult times. You and your dog can bring joy to many people through visiting hospitals, nursing homes and disaster relief sights. Schools and libraries are also using pet therapy to encourage reading and excitement about learning. Groups like Therapy Dogs International, organize events and programs for their members.

Becoming a certified therapy dog and handler is also a great way to spend time with your pet. Dogs and handlers are required to take a rigorous exam to ensure that you and your dog are well suited to the environment or a therapy dog. Once the exam is passed, you and your dog are fully certified and can begin participating in therapy dog programs.

Consider sharing your dog with others by becoming a certified therapy dog and handler!

Share your experiences as a therapy dog family in the comments section!

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