The Pig Phenomenon, From The Farm to Your Living Room!

There is a big and growing trend in the pet world. It’s a new kind of pet: the potbelly pig. While some of us would never consider bringing a pig into the home, others have been charmed by what some consider to be unlikely pets.
Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals and can be trained to behave much like dogs. Potbelly pigs can be house trained and taught a few commands. They are also affectionate and curious. It might be a surprise for you, but potbellies are also notoriously clean. Plus, they are also usually non-allergenic, quiet and odor-free.
Though their intelligence is impressive, this can also be a negative trait. Hungry pigs will stop at nothing in their search for food, and these clever creatures can learn to open cupboards and even refrigerators. Pigs will also root for food by instinct. They can upturn wastebaskets or other household items in this quest. However, owners can satisfy these pets’ natural instinct for rooting by giving them a soft patch of dirt in the backyard.
Here are some other pot-bellied facts to ensure such a pig will be a rewarding and adored pet:
Pigs are territorial, just like dogs. So owners need to be consistent in setting limits, and give them positive reinforcement when they do well.
Their long lifespan of a decade or more can make a potbelly an integral part of the household. However, getting a pet that lives 12-18 years, and even up to 20, is quite a commitment. Among other things, be sure you are prepared to pay the variety of vet bills and have enough time for a pig.
Pigs also require space for exercise and regular social interaction. An outdoor space is ideal.
Before rushing out to buy one of this wonderful creatures, be sure to check local regulations regarding potbelly pigs. Not all states allow domestic ownership of pigs.

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