Ask the Vet

Ask Seth: What to Do About Wet Area Under Dog's Ear

My dog has a huge, stinky, wet area under her ear and going down her neck! I heard her scratching all night. The vet said it sounded like a hotspot and she should be seen. What the heck is a hotspot and how did she get it? read more


Water Safety Tips for Pets in Summer

Water Safety Tips for Pets in SummerCheck out these water safety tips for pets in the summer. Keep your pets safe while still allowing them to cool off and have fun! read more

Pet Health

How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Vet?

Take Your Dog to the VetHow often do you take your dog to the vet? If you're a new pet owner, or maybe you've owned a dog for a long time, find out how often you should and why. read more

Pet Care and Tips

Pet Safety around Strangers

If you find that strangers—especially kids—approach your pet because he’s so cute or unusual, you’ll probably have many chances to teach others about pet safety. read more