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Pet Treats: Are They All Created Equal?

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey's Natural Health Column: Pet treats are important in the life of your dogs and cats. What is life without a treat? Be honest–how many of us can go through a day without giving ourselves some little tidbit as an emotional reward, to satisfy a craving, to increase energy? You can control when and what you consume as a treat but your pets are totally dependent on you and your knowledge of how much and how good is that treat.

Treats for Pets

Halloween is right around the corner, so make sure that your pet enjoys the night and doesn't have a sore tummy the next day. The costumes are decided, the decorations are up, and it's almost time to hand out the treats! For Halloween, your pet can certainly indulge in some treats, but other items are not good as treats for pets and can absolutely cause them a dangerous fright.