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Poisonous for Dogs

Don't eat that: canine edition! Our beloved pooches may want to eat everything in sight, but there are some things that they really shouldn't get into! Some are plants, and some are things safe for us to eat, but not for Fido! Learn what items are poison for dogs.

Pets and Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for the family, including for our four-legged family members. What could be better for our pets than having all the human family members in one room and in a relaxed state of mind? However, the holidays are also a time when vet hospitals are busiest, as our attention is divided between a hundred different things and it is easy to overlook pet health.

Healthy Dog Treats

To help your pet maintain a healthy weight, choose healthy snacks and treats.  Most pet treats seen on the shelves contain lots of fat in the form of cheddar, bacon and other ingredients. Sounds...

Pet Health: Protecting the Fragile Health of Our Pets, Part 2

Individually, a chemical may not alter gene expression or cause mutations, but the sheer number of chemicals used in the environment interact and become even more toxic to dogs and cats; sometimes they intensify one another, but there are instances when a relatively innocuous substance will become toxic when combined by accident or purposely with a second chemical.