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Spay and Neuter to Prevent Serious Health Issues

On average, female cats produce one to two litters of four to six kittens per year, according to the ASPCA. Female dogs produce, on average, one litter of four to six puppies per year. While almost everyone enjoys kittens and puppies in general, there are fewer loving homes than homeless dogs and cats in America. In fact, five to seven million enter animal shelters each year. Of these former pets and strays, shelters euthanize three to four million. As anyone who has ever watched Bob Barker on The Price is Right knows, spaying and neutering your dogs and cats will help control America's pet population. However, what some may not know is that it can also prevent serious health issues.

Pyometra in Dogs

We have previously discussed the merits of desexing dogs at a young age but now we will focus on one of the nasty disease that dogs can get if they are not desexed: Pyometra. ...