We all want our pets to be safe, and we often concentrate on outdoor dangers. But there are many dangers inside—including garages and storage areas–that may harm our pets.  Some household objects that we may not even consider dangerous pose significant threats to our furry friends.  Take a look at some common dangers, courtesy of The Humane Society: Continue reading »

Many dog owners love to take their pets along with them when they get in their car. Whether it’s a short drive locally to the grocery store, or a longer trip; it’s a pleasure to have their beloved pet accompany them. Most dogs love to ride in the car too! Unfortunately, many owners don’t realize the dangers that exist for their unrestrained pet in an automobile that can be avoided by simply following a few safety rules.
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Once the warm weather arrives, people begin landscaping their yards to make them beautiful. Take care when adding plants; although lovely, they may be very poisonous to your pet!

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