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Pet Supplements

Just like certain dietary supplements can be beneficial to people, vitamins and nutraceuticals can also benefit dogs and cats in some cases. The mainstay of a healthy pet is a high quality, balanced diet and this should provide all of the vitamins and minerals required by your pet. However, there are some pet supplements that may boost your pet's health if indicated.

Pet Health: Protecting the Fragile Health of Our Pets, Part 2

Individually, a chemical may not alter gene expression or cause mutations, but the sheer number of chemicals used in the environment interact and become even more toxic to dogs and cats; sometimes they intensify one another, but there are instances when a relatively innocuous substance will become toxic when combined by accident or purposely with a second chemical.

Pet Medications

It is always heartbreaking for an owner when a pet becomes ill. The last thing an owner wants to deal with is the difficulties that come with having to administer medication to an ailing...