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Why Pet Grooming Is Important

Pet Grooming for Your Dog

Photo by Ricky Brigante / CC-BY-NC-ND

When someone says, “Pet grooming,” you may instantly think of a perfectly trimmed white poodle with painted nails and sunglasses. Contrary to that image, pet grooming contributes to the health of your pet more than the appearance of it. Good grooming is a great practice to keep your pet healthy and comfortable from day to day.
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Nutritional Excellence in Pet Foods

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey's Natural Health Column: This guide was prepared by Dr. Elliott Harvey, author of "The Healthy Wholistic Dog", the premiere book on Pet Health and Natural Remedies. Dr. Harvey is a well known lecturer on Pet Health and has created remedies for Bears to the Queen of Englands Corgis and Horses. read more

Pets and Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for the family, including for our four-legged family members. What could be better for our pets than having all the human family members in one room and in a relaxed state of mind? However, the holidays are also a time when vet hospitals are busiest, as our attention is divided between a hundred different things and it is easy to overlook pet health. read more

Pet Symptoms

Rocky was what most would call a spunky cat – always getting into mischief around the house, romping about with the family dog and begging his owners for attention. Then one day his behavior began to change. Instead of his usual routine of near constant motion, he was reluctant to leave his bed on the windowsill. Rather than seek the company of his human companions, he became withdrawn and aloof. His owners, noticing the alteration in his activity level, and concerned about his pet health, took Rocky to the veterinarian. Arthritis was the diagnosis. read more