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Cat Whiskers

What is your favorite part of a cat? Maybe you love the tiny pink paw pads. Or, perhaps, the loving gazes from those all-knowing eyes. How about the soft, buttery fur? There are so many lovely bits from which to choose, not the least of which is your cat's whiskers. They are an essential tool she uses to explore her world. Consider the following fascinating facts about these fabulous appendages.

Pet Cancer: Lymphosarcoma

Lymphosarcoma (lymphoma) is a malignant cancer originating in lymphocytes, which are found in lymph nodes and pretty much all the organs and tissues around the body. It is probably the most common type of cancer in cats and not uncommon in dogs. Like most cancers, middle-aged to older animals are most at risk. However, lymphoma is unique in that it can be associated with feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) infection in cats. Cats that are infected with FeLV can develop feline lymphoma as young as three years of age.