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Caring for Cats: Mistakes Owners Make

I’ve had the pleasure of living with cats most of my life. During that time, I’ve made a lot of mistakes—things like setting my black wool pants on the bed during shedding season, taking a bubble bath with the bathroom door open, and daring to leave important papers on my desk. While these errors in judgment led to inconvenience, cat owners make many mistakes that can actually endanger the lives of their pets. Here are a few of the most common cat mistakes: read more

Ever wonder what your free-roaming cat is up to while you are away? A number of scientists wondered about that as well, and a recent study reveals some surprising results

Researchers tracked both wild and outdoor pet cats using radio transmitters. For two years, they studied over 40 cats, who roamed over hill and dale, in cities and along the countryside—for a combined 6,000 acres. read more