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Ask Seth: Lilies and Cats

Are Asiatic lilies in the same family as others when it comes to cats? I just planted an Asiatic lily in my garden last week. I didn't know that they are poison for cats. I've never heard of the Asiatic lily and it looks nothing like the other varieties. I have a neighbor's cat that has decided to hang out in my front yard. He's about six years old and has never touched any plants of any kind. Please tell me I don't have to dog up my beautiful plant. My cats live inside so they can't get to it. (I do have a couple that will chew on anything.) Thank you, Patricia Borst

Lilies Toxic to Cats

Everyone loves lilies, those glorious, fragrant flowers that immediately brighten up a room. Even our curious felines may feel the urge to nibble at these beauties. However, lily toxicity in cats is a well recognized illness. Most species of lilies and all parts of the plant and flowers cause a profound toxicity when ingested by cats. Cats become exposed by nibbling at flowers or leaves in the house or garden, licking the pollen off their fur or even by drinking the water that the lilies are in.