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How to Know if Your Pets Food Is Safe

Purina’s pet food brand Beneful has been accused of poisoning and eventually killing over 4,000 pets. Most of these pet owners cited the same symptoms: hair loss, vomiting, liver failure—all leading to death.  Hearing about once-trusted pet food brands being sued for thousands of pet deaths brings this important question to mind: How can I make sure my pets food is safe?

As pet parents, we care deeply about the health of our pets, but where do we start when it comes to choosing the right pet food? There are many things to consider: ingredients to seek out and those to avoid, proper food-handling techniques, as well as knowing what your individual pet needs. Something else you need to consider is how unsafe food could affect your human family as well. This article will give you some practical tips and helpful information on how to keep your family and your pets safe.
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