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Pets for Toddlers

To some people, having it all means family and a career. To others, it means having a small family member and a friendly pet! When you have a toddler, there are many concerns and risk factors within the home. Because of this, some families don't have pets when they start having kids. However, for pet lovers, there are always solutions. Listed here are the top pets for kids.

Pit Bull Aggression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs bite more than 4.7 million people each year. Roughly 800,000 of these people seek medical attention, with 386,000 injured badly enough to require treatment in an emergency department. About 16 people die from dog bites annually. Half of all medically treated dog bites involve children, and the CDC believes that dog bite injuries are a "largely preventable public health problem," suggesting that better education is all that is needed to reduce their incidence.