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Ask Seth: Dog Training

Hi Seth, My husband has Cane Corso named Smooth and he's almost a 1 1/2. He's a loving dog and he is in desperate need of training. I've been told that it's a waste of time to send him to training because he won't remember what he's been taught, based on research done by another family member. Smooth continuously jumps on everyone that comes near him and he still chews on everything. He won't obey commands and he also suffers from canine separation anxiety when my husband leaves. My question is: can training help him? He is a loving dog and I love to rub and play with him, but because of his size, he is too heavy for me to control without assistance. Thank you, Donna Thompson

American Pit Bull Terriers

Unfortunately, negative press in recent years and a deteriorating public perception of the American Pit Bull Terrier has caused the popularity of this breed to decline greatly. With proper dog training and socialization as...