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Ask Seth: Growth on Dog

Hi Seth. We have a 7 year old yellow lab who is like our daughter to my wife & I.  She has a growth on her leg. We took her to our local vet here about a year ago and he looked at it and said that because it is located on her rear leg joint, it might cause her leg problems if he removed it…  He wasn’t very convincing – acted as though he was not too sure of himself when he talked with us, so I really would like your professional opinion. By the way, it was much smaller a year ago when he saw it… at the time he acted as though it was no big deal.  Since then, it has steadily increased in size – at least doubled in size – and may keep growing.  Not only is it unsightly and requires us to be constantly explaining it to everyone who sees her, but she now licks it – not all the time, but more frequently in recent months, which is now causing it to slightly bleed. My questions are: Should it be removed, should he have removed it a year ago, would it require a general anesthesia or just a local, and finally do you foresee any high potential of its removal causing her additional leg problems or pain? Any other observations and/or comments about this dog growth would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Marshall Maher read more