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Ask Seth: Cat Vomiting

I have a 9 year old cat vomiting. He gobbles his food when I fill the bowl, and then he vomits it back up.  It is dry food and still whole, he does not even chew it! It is very aggravating.  Do you have any suggestions?

Pat Kendall

It sounds like your cat is eating too quickly or may be a bit stressed around food. Here are a few steps you can try to help decrease the frequency of the vomiting after feeding:

1. Start by only offering a small amount of food many times throughout the day. This can be as little as a few morsels or up to a ¼ of the daily ration you normally feed. This will allow the cat the opportunity to eat without getting to the point where he needs to throw up. He may still eat fast and not chew the food, but there is not enough content to make him sick.

2. If you have other cats, I highly recommend that you feed them separate from this cat. This will decrease the stress that may be present because he thinks the other cats will steal his food.  Also, the calmness and tranquility of a special room may allow him to eat slower and maybe even chew his food. Over time he should begin to relax and slow down his eating, allowing you to gradually increase the amount of food and decrease the frequency of feedings. If this cat  continues to vomit or loses weight, see your veterinarian immediately, as there may an underlying condition which needs to be treated. Cats that stop eating even for just a few days can get very sick very quickly.