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Dishonorable Service

Service Dogs

Photo by Found Animals Foundation/ CC BY-SA

By Guest Writer: Abe Lerner

Proposed Canadian Law Takes Aim at Fraudulent Service Dogs

Everything these days seems to need a license. To drive a car, you need a license. To see patients, you need a license. Even to have a right to buy tickets to an NFL game, you need a Personal Seat License (PSL). That’s correct. Your favorite team requires that you pay to be licensed, affording you the right to purchase tickets. Although conventional wisdom would dictate that buying tickets to a sporting event is a Divine right, fans apparently are willing to pay for it. Ah…the dedication of a true fan!

Why then aren’t there laws in place governing the licensure of service dogs? Lawmakers in British Columbia, Canada, are asking the same question (minus perhaps the NFL link). Chris Hall, in a March 24, 2015, Dogster.com article, reports on the proposed Guide Dog and Service Dog Act that would reform laws regulating service dogs.
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