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Enzymes for Dogs

Enzymes for dogs are the newest trend in holistic care for our furry friends! To start with, we need to answer the question, "What, exactly, are enzymes?" There are two types: food and digestive enzymes. Food enzymes are those which humans and animals alike eat, and digestive enzymes are produced internally from the digestive organs.

Pain in Dogs and Cats

When you take your pet to the vet with a condition that is painful, your pet may be given one or two of a number of drugs that relieve pain and reduce inflammation. At times, you may wonder why the vet has decided your pet needs pain relief, as he/she may not be displaying the signs of pain that you expect, such as whimpering or not eating. The truth is, pets do not exhibit pain in the same way as humans and for the most part, they have a survival instinct that causes them to hide pain as much as possible.

Bringing a Kitten Home

The day you bring your new cat home is an exciting one for both of you-though exciting for different reasons. While you know that everything is going to be wonderful and he's eventually going to love his new home, he is utterly confused–everything smells weird, he doesn’t know where he’s going and *gulp* he has to ride in a car (or, in cat terms, "the big scary bumpy rumbly thing").

Horse Therapy for Autism

One of the more recent trends in therapy for kids with autism involves some special "gentle giants". While horses are mostly shown in races or shows, they can also be great service animals used in animal therapy. When it comes to children and adults with autism, they are gentle giants who help develop riders' skills while providing a calming environment.