How to Stop Cat Litter from Going Everywhere

I have developed a super power. No, I cannot become invisible. And no, I cannot fly. My super power is the ability to tell, without even looking, which of my cats is in the litter box.

I suppose it’s not really a super power; it’s more an illustration of the power of observation. My eldest cat, who until now I always assumed was smarter than the others, likes to scratch at the wall while doing her litter box business. My middle fur-child uses the facilities silently unless she carries a toy in with her. In that case, she meows to it throughout the process. My youngest digs furiously, both upon entering and exiting the litter box.

I assume it is the furious digging that leads to a minimum quarter-inch of cat litter on my bathroom floor at the end of each day. It wouldn’t be a big deal – I have a vacuum after all – except for when unexpected guests arrive and have to shovel their way through the sand to the commode.

Fortunately, I’ve learned there are ways to mitigate these litter kicking issues. And, lucky you, I’m going to share.

Vacuum, and do it a lot. You might feel like a ‘clean freak’ in the process, but vacuuming up loose litter each time you scoop the boxes is the best way to keep your bathroom from becoming the Sahara. I tidy the cat sand at least a half dozen times a day – and that process now includes a quick floor once-over with the handheld vac.

Change your litter box. Whether your cats are vigorous diggers or messy pee-ers, a high-sided litter box can help keep everything in its place. The NVR Miss Litterbox has high walls to prevent spraying and litter scatter.

Litter boxes and kitty litter are unavoidable nuisances, minor though they may be, of cat ownership. We’d love to hear your methods of dealing with them in the comments.

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