"Social Petworking"–Pet Social Networks

Our beloved cats, dogs, birds, turtles and rabbits are members of the family. So if you have a Facebook page for so-called “social networking,” shouldn’t they have one for, say, “petworking?”

OK. Let’s have a show of hands: How many of you have a Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or similar page for your pet? And why not? The humans who love us might want to check in with our favorite pets, too, right? What better way than to put it out there on the web for everyone to enjoy.

I wrote recently about using websites like these to find missing pets. It got me interested in other ways we use these are “social networking,” err “petworking” sites. As an example, Nestle the rabbit has a Facebook page with 1,000 friends—“most of them furry,” according to news reports. Fruit Loop the parrot posts profile pictures after special events, like his birthday and other pet celebrations.

Behind those cute furry photos on these sites are real folks who want to connect—to socialize—with family, friends and a network of others who care equally about their pets. They also use these sites to make play dates with their pets, maybe at the local dog park or pet-friendly fall fair.

To be clear, Facebook officials says they “don’t allow fake profiles for pets.” But there’s a legitimate question about what’s fake. The pets aren’t fake. And though we know our pets can talk to us, no one thinks they can type. There’s certainly nothing fake about how much we love our pets and want to share that love with others.

Besides Facebook for pets, here are some other pet social networks you can look into:

Do you have a web page devoted to your pet? Do you know of other pet networking sites on the web? Let us know!

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