Social Petworking – Cats and Dogs Play at Social Media

Petplan, a UK pet insurance provider, recently released a staggering statistic uncovered by the Petplan Pet Census, a survey of over 10,000 UK pet owners. Apparently, in the UK alone, one in ten pets have a Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube page. Many have more friends, followers and views than their human companions do.
The most popular feline on YouTube may be Maru, a roly-poly cat from Japan who seems to have an addiction to boxes. More than six million people have watched Maru’s entertaining videos online.
Sockington the Cat is a prolific tweeter. To date he has composed over 6700 tweets and has more than one million Twitter followers. Boo the Dog (if he really is a dog…  check him out and then you tell me) has more than one million “likes” on Facebook.
Social networking for pets is poised to further go to the dogs (and cats) with the rise of pet-only social networking sites such as Catster and Dogster, PetPop, Pet-files, MyCatSpace and MyDogSpace, to name just a few. Proud pet owners can set up profiles for their pets, post pictures, join forums, make friends and share stories with other pet lovers.
While it all sounds like fun, I don’t think I’ll be signing Jezebel up for Facebook or Gabby for Twitter anytime soon. I have a hard enough time getting them off my computer (keyboard) as is.

Does Your Pet Have a Facebook Page?

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