Snake Safety

While having a pet snake is not necessarily a dangerous thing, taking a few safety measures is a good idea.

I was walking in a local pet store the other day, when I noticed a gentleman browsing the shelf for specialty pet products. The reason I noticed said man is because he had brought his pet into the store with him! Wrapped around his wrist was his pet snake. While I know that snakes are not the most active creatures, I still wandered how the guy got his snake to just stay there. Did he train his snake, or is that typical behavior?

As it turns out, that behavior is somewhat typical in snakes. I use the word “somewhat” because it’s not true all of the time, just when the reptile is very comfortable with its owner. And there is a proper technique for holding a snake. One important thing to note from the very beginning is to be sensitive when handling the reptile around its head. If you grab the animal with your hand reaching to its face, it may attempt to bite you. It will do this out of fear, not because it is mean. Also, just like with other animals, go slow with snakes. They shouldn’t be jerked around, rather let them slide between your fingers or wrap around your wrist—at their own pace.

If you are handling a constrictor, biting might not be your main concern. It can also start constricting on you. If you feel the animal begin to do this, simply start uncoiling it starting with its tail. If you are handling a larger constrictor, always have someone on hand to help in this type of situation.

So, there’s no need to be frightened of snakes. Just show them the respect they deserve.

Do you have a pet snake? Do you have any snake safety tips to share with us? Use the comment section!

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