Snake-Free Lawn and Home

Fall is that time of year when we start raking up leaves, and uncovering snakes! Learn how to avoid startling the snakes… and yourself. While some families have their own pet snakes, others prefer that snakes to not be anywhere near their space. Though wild snakes are good for our environment, they can also pose a threat to both people and pets, including cats and small dogs. In this blog, I have listed some tips to keep your lawn and home snake-free, if that is the way you prefer your home.

First and foremost, snakes are attracted to longer grass and lawns that haven’t really been tended to. Lawns with overgrown bushes and tall grass are ideal spots for wild snakes, because they are warm places that also offer shelter from the wind. The same goes for big piles of leaves. So, in order to dissuade snakes from pitching camp in your lawn, give the grass a trim. After you have raked your leaves into piles, try to take care of the piles as soon as you can, especially if your pets or family roam outside. Along the same lines as keeping your yard tidy, keeping your garage and area surrounding your lawn tidy will also help keep snakes away, with the bonus of creating a safer space for your pets.

If you should find a wild snake in your yard or around your house, leave it alone. Don’t try to catch or kill the snake. Gather your family and pets and walk away from the snake slowly, and keep an eye on it from a distance. If left alone, snakes will typically move on their own. If the snake appears to be sticking around, call the nearest animal control or wildlife preservation to assist you with the situation.

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