Skittish Cats

Some cats just aren’t comfortable around different people. Keep reading to help make your pet more comfortable in its home when strangers are around.

Becoming a pet owner is very exciting, whether it is for the first time or the sixth time. However, it may seem daunting if your new pet seems very skittish around others. This can make it difficult to create a strong bond between you and your pet, not to mention make him/her uncomfortable in the home. However, your cat may not always be as skittish as you think. There are ways to calm a cat.

First, all cats need some “alone time.” At this point in time, the cat will find a secluded, secret spot to have all to themselves. I have six cats, all with their own spots.

Another major characteristic to bear in mind is that cats are predominantly nocturnal creatures. Just because your pet hasn’t woken you up while you sleep doesn’t mean that they aren’t roaming the house at night. Try to stay awake a little later than usual to see if your furry friend ventures out from its secret spot.

Also, different breeds typically have different personalities, so some breeds may just be more reserved than others. Further, raising kittens around other animals and humans tends to make them more tolerant of others.

The most important way you can reduce skittishness is to bond with your cat on its own terms. You cannot force an animal to act a certain way—that will usually create hostility. The best way to help your cat be less skittish is to understand its behavior and have patience to create a bond.

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