The Singapura: A Rare Cat Breed

The Singapura, named for its origin in Singapore, was started by Tommy and Hal Meadow in 1975 by breeding some ticked (dark coloring in specific areas alternating with a solid light-colored ivory coat) cats they had while they were in South East Asia, along with a blue Burmese and a sable Burmese they had when they were transferred to Singapore. Their breeding program was created consulting with a British geneticist, eventually eliminating the recessive gene for solid brown color from the breed. In 1988 a breeder named Gerry Mayes brought back some more foundation cats from Singapore to register with TICA. This rare breed has a loyal following, that continues to grow. The International Cat Association accepted the Singapura for championship competition in 1979.


Unlike many other feline breeds, the Singapura comes in only one color, a clean, antique ivory, accented by beautiful and soft faded tones of yellow or muslin on its underbelly. The round head and large, bright, almond shaped eyes are deeply colored tones ranging from a celadon green to hazel or even gold or copper, which is a striking contrast to the dark brown markings and facial lines. Large perky ears add to the alert expression of these charming cats. The muzzle is medium in length and sports a blunt nose.
Singapura cats sport a compact, but deceptively powerful body which makes it easy for them to be quite active and enthusiastic when they play and race from room to room. One of the smallest feline breeds, it doesn’t develop it’s full size until it is nearly two years old. The size difference between the males and females of the breed is barely discernible with females weighing between 5 – 6 pounds and males 6 – 8 pounds. The tail is slender and not overly long, but has a blunt end. The fur coat is very short and fine.


Known for its persistent and precocious personality, the Singapura loves to be involved in everything, and is constantly at its owner’s side, anxious to help. Hungry for attention and extremely curious, these highly intelligent felines are adored by owners as exceptional companions. However, be prepared for surprises, as these cats love to be high on cabinets and refrigerators so they get the best view of their surroundings and all the possible adventures and treasure hunts they can enjoy. Many Singapuras love to ride around on their owner’s shoulder and will be eager to curl up in their lap and snuggle with them at bedtime. The playful, gentle nature of this breed makes it a good choice for families with children and an easy pet to have in a busy home with lots of visitors. Singapuras get along well with other animals.


Although it is a relatively young breed, there are no known genetic health problems of the Singapura. It is sometimes difficult to raise kittens beyond 3 or 4 months of age, and generally reputable breeders will not release the kittens until they are 16 weeks of age. However, once they reach adulthood, the Singapura is a sturdy, robust breed that has a life expectancy between 12 – 15 years. As with any breed of cat, regular annual veterinary checkups, dental cleanings along with a good nutritious diet will keep your cat healthy for many years.

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