Ask Seth: Should I Neuter My Cat?

My veterinarian is strongly urging me to neuter my cat. Spencer is a loving indoor/outdoor cat. Does this cause behavior changes in cats?

The benefits of neutering or castrating a male cat are many. It will decrease the number of unwanted cats roaming the neighborhood. Your cat will not be inclined to chase female cats and will tend to stay closer to home. Neutered cats also tend to be less aggressive and less likely to feel the need to mark their territory with unwanted urinations. I recommend sterilizing animals that are not intended for breeding. Sterilization also helps to reduce unwanted breeding and helps lower the number of unwanted animals in shelters and hopefully allow Spencer to be around longer. Many people also believe that a neutered animal will gain weight and become lazy; however there are currently no proven studies to confirm this.

Do you feel that neutering your cat made him gain weight and become lazy? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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  1. TNJan says:

    I have several outdoor male cats and they are all neutered. It has NOT made them fat and lazy! The only thing it HAS done was keep them from producing more unwanted litters in the neighborhood. I live in the country and have 10 cats, and they are ALL sterile and wonderful pets.

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