Ask Seth: Should I get my dog vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine?

I just took my pug for his annual check-up and shots and the veterinarian wants to give him the Bordetella vaccine for kennel cough. My dog Sam has never had a problem with this, so why should I vaccinate him for this?

This is a good question that comes up often. Vaccination is the best way to ensure an active immunity.  Dogs like your Pug Sam that have the pushed in face (called brachycephalic) are at the highest risk of complication from kennel cough in dogs, due to the anatomy of the breed’s airway.  If Sam gets Bordetella, it can involve up to 3 weeks of coughing, retching, and discomfort for your pet. Your dog can also be a carrier of the infection for up to 4 weeks after he seems to have recovered; therefore, he can infect other dogs while he appears to be completely normal.  I recommend getting the vaccine annually. If you are concerned, ask you veterinarian for additional information about risks as well as the benefits.

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