Ask Seth: Dog Will Not Eat Dog Food

I have a lab mix that I shower with love. She was a rescue I got in June 2013.  I have shared my table food with her, and now she won't eat dog food.  She has always been a picky eater and was eating Nuturo max.  How can I transition back to dog food?  I currently put a spoonful of dog food in her chicken livers, and hearts and gizzards. Ellen from Woodbridge, VA

This is a question that comes up fairly often and there is no one answer on how to get them back on his dog food.  This is how I would approach this issue.   First, make sure that your dog is relatively healthy and of normal weight.  Next, stop with the human food completely.  I know there are many people that have given their dogs this with no issues, but I have seen the other side that is not so pretty.  The main brand dog foods are designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and I feel should be fed that way.

When you stop feeding the human foods and rich treats, begin to offer your dog his dog food for 15 minutes once to twice daily.  If she does not eat within that time period, pick up the food and do not offer it until the next scheduled feeding.  Dogs are smart enough that when they become hungry, they will eventually eat.   Be strong.  Sometimes dogs will try to wait you out until you give in.  You can entice her to eat by putting warm water on the food and mixing thoroughly.  This will activate her sense of smell and hopefully her interest in the food.   If this doesn’t work, the try a small amount of canned food mixed in.   Also, be sure to have everyone in the household on the same page.   You don’t want to be doing all this work to have someone else in the house sneaking her food.

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  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    The dog is very smart, that's why it won't eat dog food. I never feed my dogs that poison. I cook chicken and rice with veggies and egg and beef for them. I totally disagree with your answer.

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