Ask Seth: Cat Litter Box Issue

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  1. Victoria says:

    I have several aging cats(the oldest 21 plus human years) and after making sure they had a clean bill of health from the Vet I set up a crate in the accommodating size for a litter box( using softer Litter as they age their joints hurt and they cannot scoop the heavier litter and I mixed what they were use to and decreased each week till they now use the lightest litter and I also lowered the type of Litter pan so they could get in and out easier) and put a indoor/outdoor capret and then the diaper pads on top which gave them the feel for their paws. The door to the crate stays blocked open and I used treats on the edge of the cage to teach them to go in. I did this in each room as needed. Now that they are doing well with the litter box I have covered the top and partial back and sides with a light weight fabric and added a pillow on top of each crate plus a scratch pole so they can get on top to sleep or watch the young cats play.

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