Senior Dog Games

Who says old dogs can’t have fun? While your beloved pooch may be getting up there in doggy years, it can still be active and play.

My family has a Chocolate Labrador, who I refuse to acknowledge is now a “senior citizen.” While it may be hard to admit that your pet is no longer a puppy, either, it may be time to start playing a little less rough.

Having an older dog doesn’t mean that you should stop playing with him all together. However, old dogs, like people, tend to get more sore and are more prone to injuries. Here are some fun ways to still play that won’t hurt your older animal.

  • Walking: If you have made walks a routine with your pet, it is a good idea to continue with these. You can shorten them, however, depending on how easily your pet gets tired.
  • Hide and Seek: So that your animal doesn’t slide around, try this game on a carpeted floor, or other surface that gives your pet traction. Begin by having your dog sit patiently in a certain spot while you hide one of its favorite toys. Once it is hidden, give your pet the okay to begin looking. It may take some time if you’ve not played hide and seek before, but it can be fun for both of you. Another idea is to switch out the toy with a treat for your pooch. Then they will really like this game!
  • Three-Card Monte: This game is just like the human version, except with dog food! For this, you will need three empty and clean yogurt cups. To teach your dog the goal, place a treat under one of the cups. Allow your dog to sniff the cup and then to get the treat. Next, place another treat under the cup, and shuffle it between all of the others. Once you are done shuffling, allow your pet to sniff out the correct yogurt cup. You may have to help your pet at first while playing this game, but it will get the hang of it.

What games do you play with your older furry friend? Share them with us and our readers!

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