Senior Cats Care

Getting old can be no fun, even for cats! Find out why your older cat may be a little cranky as his body and mind age, and how to help fix its mood.

While it may not be what you want to hear (or read), our pets age faster than we do. Sometimes, this includes a decline in cognitive function. In short, this means that your cat’s brain activity and function may be decreasing as it gets older.

The results of the decrease in cognitive function are:

  • Your pet will have difficulty learning new skills and will be more forgetful. This means that your pet may forget where exactly that pesky litter box is. Therefore, if you have an aging cat that empties its bowels somewhere other than the designated place, it could simply be an accident. It is also means that your furry friend may not remember new family pets, or even you.
  • Your cat could become more easily confused and have spatial disorientation. This means that it could get lost in familiar locations, such as your house. Your furry friend could also get stuck someplace, and not know how to get out. If you have an older cat, consider placing a small bell, or something that makes noise, on its collar. That way you will be able to hear where your pet is, especially if it’s making a lot of noise and might be in trouble.
  • Another big aspect affected by a decrease in cognitive function is your pet’s personality. Your cat probably will be less interested in interactions with humans and getting petted. Therefore, if your pet seems to be cranky, try to not take it personally.

If you have any other questions, your veterinarian would be a good resource to consult.

Do you have a senior cat? Share all your cat care tips in the comment section!

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  1. Ruby Marlowe says:

    In your professional opinion, how old is a 'senior' cat? My cat is 13 and doesn't (thankfully) exhibit the above decrease in cognitive function. Just wondering how 'old' is old? Thanks.

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