Second June Cat Winner of 2015: Gandalf

June Cat Winner of 2015

Congratulations to Gandalf for being chosen as our second June Cat Winner of 2015! I had to show off my cat just a bit this month. You may have seen him before. I've shared photos of him on social media.

Gandalf loves to play and greet me at the door when I get home. He enjoys playing with balloons, his mice toys and laser pointer. He loves to snuggle and climb on the banisters. He is afraid of loud noises and the ice machine, which I guess go hand in hand.

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See below for more pictures of Gandalf!

Baby Gandalf

Here is Gandalf at two months old. This was when we first brought him home, thanks to Kool Katz rescue in Fort Worth, TX.

Baby Gandalf - Our June Cat Winner












Gandalf Dressed Up

If you couldn't tell by his namesake, Gandalf is apart of a nerd-ish family. Here he is trying out some Harry Potter glasses for a Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Cat










Cat Naps

What's life without a little cat nap every now and again?

Cat Naps Are the Best









Hiding in the Laundry Bin

He thinks he's a lot more sneaky than he is.

Gandalf in Laundry Bin










Couch Potato

Just relaxing on the couch after a long day!

Gandalf on Couch








Time to Sleep

He loves relaxing after a hard day of playing with his toys.

Gandalf Laying Around










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