Save a Dog

Are you interested in rescuing a dog? Here are some rescue organizations. Maybe you can help each other out.

I recently attended a friend’s wedding who, in lieu of giving the guests wedding favors, made a generous donation to a Greyhound rescue organization called Project Racing Home. Not only did my friend make this, she also adopted her own Greyhound from this organization. Project Racing Home works solely for the retired racing Greyhound. But there are many other dog rescue organizations for different breeds. Here are some common ones, where you might find your next family pet:

  • Cavalier Rescue USA: This is a non-profit dedicated to finding families for King Charles Cavalier spaniels who are in need of new homes. This particular company is close to my heart, as I am an owner of dog of this breed.
  • Paw Prints Animal Rescue: This all-volunteer non-profit organization seeks to reduce the population of homeless animals, including cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. This organization has two organizations, the Rescue and Adoption program and the Feral (wild) Cat Management Program. This society takes in as many abandoned cats and dogs as it can, regardless of breed or age.
  • “SmallDog” Rescue and Humane Society: Based in Georgia, this group works to rescue “at risk” dogs from local shelters and animal control facilities. “At risk” dogs are those who have run out of time at the shelters, have medical conditions, or need more socialization before being placed with a loving family. While this organization rescues breeds such as Pugs, Poodles and Dachshunds, they also take in small mixed breeds.

To find out more about animal rescue societies, ask your veterinarian or search the web.

Do you have a rescue? Share the story with us in the comment section below!

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