Sandy Dogs

If you’re still enjoying some  final beach days during warm weather, here are some tips to get your sandy dog free of sand.

I live near the ocean, and one of my favorite family activities to do in the summer is go to the beach. And when I say family, I mean almost the entire family, which includes three dogs. Sand, water and dogs. Now that’s a recipe for a mess.

My three dogs are different breeds, which means that they have very different coats of fur. One thing my family always struggles with after a trip to the beach is how to clean dog hair and get rid of all the leftover sand. Below are some tips we have learned over the years.

  • Before leaving the beach, allow your dog one last swim in the ocean (if your dog swims, of course.)
  • Towel-dry your pet as much as you can. Once the pooch is in the car, rolling down the windows or having the A/C turned on will help dry your dog off. This also helps to keep your car from smelling like a wet dog. Just be sure he doesn’t get a chill. Since sand clings to wet fur, stop to brush your dog off once he’s dry.
  • Once you are back home, allow your dog to enjoy a fresh water source. This could mean letting it swim in a pool or jump into a kiddie pool. Or just hose him off with a garden hose.
  • You should always at least towel-dry your pet after a beach trip. However, some breeds need more attention. We have a King Charles Cavalier who has a long fur coat. Once at home, she needs to be rinsed and then dried with a hair dryer, so that her fur doesn’t tangle into knots. If you use a hair-dryer on your pet, the heat should always be on the “low” setting. For extra protection, keep your hand next to where the air blows on the fur, to make sure it’s not too hot.
  • Once your dog is dry, you can rub a handful or two of baby powder into the coat. Then give him a good brushing. The powder acts as a dry dog shampoo. It makes it easier for clingy particles to get off your pooch. Keep the powder away from your dog’s face and nose as the powder can irritate your pet’s lungs.

All this makes for one clean and good-smelling doggy! Do you have any sand-cleaning or dog-drying tips to share?

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