Russian space dog came in peace


They called him Macaroni! Caroline’s pony, who roamed about the White House freely.

The late John F. Kennedy is famous for many things, including a zoo’s worth of pets!

On May 29, John F. Kennedy’s birthday, the nation remembers one of the greatest presidents of the United States. Pet owners may also remember Kennedy as the owner of 20 animals, ranging from ponies to dogs, birds to hamsters. Several of the pets belonged to JFK’s children or the famous Jackie O., but needless to say the Kennedy household was a full one. Among this veritable zoo were Macaroni and Leprechaun (ponies), Debbie and Billie (hamsters), and Wolf and Butterfly (dogs).
However, the most famous of Kennedy’s pets was certainly the puppy named Pushinka, a gift from Soviet Premier Khrushchev in 1961. She was given to a young Caroline Kennedy. Pushinka’s mother, Strelka, was a space dog, and her father was used for several ground tests. Though Pushinka was checked for hidden microphones and spying devices, she came in peace, and took to White House life well. She got along with the other pets, and with Charlie, a welsh terrier, in particular. They had four puppies together. These puppies were given as gifts to children in the Midwest by the Kennedy family.

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