Robo-pets to replace Fido?

Ever wish your dog would stop barking at strangers? Wish your cat chose a time other than midnight to go “hunting” under your sheets? Technology developers may have an answer for you: robot pets.

Robot pets have been around for a while, but consumers in the past have seen them as little more than toys. But over time, television and movies have set high standards for robots like these, and toy developers today hope to rise to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.
Researchers are developing tools that may allow robot pets of the near future to learn about their owners and even adapt their behavior. Facial recognition software is key to this goal. It may allow the pets to distinguish between different humans and to tell whether their owner is happy or sad. If these pets can change their behavior to interact in real time with their environment, that would go a long way to meeting consumer expectations.
Already, an imaginative niche of robot pets, the animated dinosaur , has been created. It’s one of the most popular robotic pets —with a waiting list of several months. It’s among the first opportunities we have to own a pet that you could never have in real life!
For now, though, go snuggle up with your real pet – he or she is already knows you care.

Would you be interested in adopting a “robotic pet”? Would you replace your live pet with an animated one? Please share your thoughts and opinions on this novelty.

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