Road Trips with Pets

Last month, I wrote an entry on how to make road trips with pets more bearable. This month, I would like to write a follow-up on my personal experience with my pooch, Thor.

Last month, I wrote on traveling with pets during long car rides. I wanted to follow-up on that entry with a few of my notes from the trip to St. Louis with my family and our loyal pooch, Thor. I will begin this post by saying that this is advice for a small lapdog. Families with larger and more hyper breeds will probably need some additional guidance before venturing forth on a journey of their own!

From my family’s recent adventure, here are my tips for a great long-distance trip with a dog:

  • It will make your car trip a lot easier if you know your pet’s bowel movement schedule. While this may sound rather gross, it will help you to know the timeline of when to stop and let your animal out to use the potty. My family stopped about once every two hours, and that worked very well for Thor.
  • Bring along something soothing to your pet. Thor has a favorite blanket that she loves to sleep on, so that’s what we brought along for her.
  • Plan ahead on hotels. My dad had a rough estimate of where he wanted to stop driving for the night, and he looked up pet friendly hotels beforehand. His personal favorite is La Quinta, which is both pet friendly and reasonably priced.
  • Always ask for a “to go” water cup. Whenever we stopped to eat, my mom would get a cup of fresh water for Thor to drink from. While leaving water out isn’t really an option in a moving car, you can either get cups with lids or a collapsible water bowl to bring out while the vehicle is parked.
  • If you do have a larger animal or one who has lots of energy, some rest stops have plenty of space to walk, run or play for a few minutes.

Are you ready for a road trip with your furry friend? What have you learned that you can share with our readers?

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