Rescue Dogs

There’s a hero in all of us, even those rescuers covered in fur. Rescue dogs play an important role in our lives.

Did you know that you always leave a scent left behind, simply because most of us lose 40,000 skin cells every minute!  Because of that, dogs are commonly used in search and rescue missions. They can follow a trail by air and on the ground to find lost people and things. These cells are caught by the wind, which the dogs smell with their extremely sensitive noses. Once on the scent and when he finds the lost person or item, he knows to alert his trainer.

The first organization of rescue dogs was formed in 1972, and rescue dogs have been used in search parties ever since. Rescue dog breeds are typically are:

  • Labrador retriever
  • Golden retriever
  • Border collies
  • German shepherd
  • Belgian Mallinois

However, just being the correct type of breed does not qualify a canine to become a search and rescue dog. Proper search dogs:

  • Are smart
  • Are easy to train
  • Have a good nose for smells
  • Have excellent physical endurance
  • Can be active for long periods of time
  • Have stable and friendly personalities

For more information on the training of search and rescue dogs, visit American Rescue Dog Association and Ohio Valley Search and Rescue, Inc.  To learn about other types of service dogs visit some of our past blogs in this series: Service Dogs for the Blind, Dogs for Diabetics and Military Service Dogs.

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