Reptiles in Winter

To keep warm in the winter, reptiles in the wild will find a nice hole. To keep these pets cozy and warm in your house, here are some tips so you can avoid the surprise of finding your pet in a random hole indoors. Most pet owners know that reptiles in winter are mostly dormant. While this might seem to make them low maintenance pets, they are animals that have special needs.

The proper warmth is chief among these needs when the weather turns cool. Since reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, they have no way of keeping warm during the winter. Reptiles in the wild live through the winter by finding shelter in holes or burrows, or even in piles of leaves that haven’t been raked yet. Once they find their spot, the reptiles become dormant, or inactive, throughout the winter season.

While winter is not as big of a problem for reptiles that live in your home, these pets do need your help to keep warm. As a general rule of thumb, a snake’s body temperature, for example, should always be above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So even in a house, your pet reptile can still catch a chill. Ask a pet expert about the best wintertime temperatures for your cold-blooded pet.

One solution for wintertime warmth is to get a reptile heating pad or lamp . Place it on the lowest setting, since they can get burned from any external heat sources like these. A good way to know if the lamp or pad is warm enough is to place your hand underneath it. If you hand gets too hot, it is too hot for your reptile.

Winter affects everyone, reptiles included! Make sure that your scaly friend has a warm place to “chill” until spring.

How do you keep your pet reptile warm during the winter? Tell us in the comment section!

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