Rats Versus Mice

Are you a mouse or rat person? Time to find out!

If you know that you want to adopt a cute rodent as a pet, a first step is to learn if you’d prefer a mouse or rat. Let’s start with mice. Mice are smaller than rats, and they tend to live for a shorter time, typically for 1-3 years. They only reach to be about three inches long plus their long, hairless tail. Mice are low maintenance pets, and very social. Females in particular like to live in pairs or groups. If you have only one or two, these pets require a small cage, about 12 by 18 inches. If you have more than a pair of mice, they’ll need a larger habitat to live in. While they can be skittish unless handled regularly by humans, they can be very entertaining to watch as they play and run around.

Rats have a slightly longer lifespan as they can live to be four years old. Their body length can get up to eight inches, along with a long tail. They are very social animals, too. But note that if you would like a pair, it is best to have them both be the same sex. If they are handled regularly by humans, they can also become very tame and will enjoy human interaction. Since a rat is larger than a mouse, it does need a larger living space, about 24 by 36 inches.

So what is your decision: mouse or rat? Let us know in the comments!

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